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mignotae kebede

A native Californian and graduate of The George Washington University (GWU), Mignotae Kebede is dedicated to exploring the intersections between creative expression and social change.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs and Anthropology with a concentration in International Development, Mignotae served as the Development Manager at Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) in Northeast, Washington, DC. It was through her work at LPTM, an organization serving African American boys and young men east of the Anacostia River, that she developed the concept for the forthcoming film What Happened 2 Chocolate City. 

Mignotae found herself experiencing the binary composition of Washington, D.C. as a transplant residing in a renovated unit in Columbia Heights, yet working in the districts most underserved communities just miles away.  After months of experiencing the cities’ stark dichotomy, she began to unpack the implications of being a black ‘gentrifier’. Hit with an initial sentiment of guilt, she researched Chocolate City’s complex history attempting to understand it’s polarized social, political and economic climate. In pursuit to answer the underlying question, “what happened to Chocolate City?”, Mignotae is conducting ethnographic research on the evolution of the district and its relations with native Black Washingtonians through an intergenerational lens. It is at the very intersection of creative expression and social change that Mignotae will bring to life her findings and explorative journey using film and varying mediums of visual and fine arts. 

Mignotae continues to pursue her passion in film and video production serving as a freelance producer and writer based in Washington, DC.